• Andrew McCallum Professor

    The main goal of my research is to dramatically increase our ability to mine actionable knowledge from unstructured text. I am especially interested in information extraction from the Web, understanding the connections between people and between organizations, expert finding, social network analysis, and mining the scientific literature & community. Toward this end my group develops and employs various methods in statistical machine learning, natural language processing, information retrieval and data mining---tending toward probabilistic approaches and graphical models.


  • Michael Boratko Postdoc, started 2018

    My current research focuses on box embeddings and structured prediction. Broadly speaking, I am interested in information extraction, program synthesis, deep learning and optimization.

  • Tim O'Gorman Postdoc, started 2019

    My main interest is in semantic representations (of events, frames, semantic roles, etc.). I'm interested both in their annotation and design, how we can learn some of these representations from text, and how to use them in other tasks.

  • Jay Yoon Lee Postdoc, started 2020

    My research focuses on Injecting human knowledge/constraints into neural models, primarily for natural language processing tasks. I am broadly interested in structured prediction, multi-task learning, logical reasoning, and better representation learning for the aforementioned topics.

PhD Students

  • Nicholas Monath PhD, started 2014

    The focus of my research is on scalable methods for entity resolution, the task of determining the underlying entities referred to by a set of ambiguous mentions. I am interested in two settings of this problem, with and without an existing knowledge base.

  • Rajarshi Das PhD, started 2016 (spring)

    Rajarshi's research interest lies in open domain question answering and in reasoning on large knowledge bases and on anything in the interesection of those two.

  • Trapit Bansal PhD, started 2015

    My current research is on knowledge representation and reasoning. Broadly, I am interested in deep learning and reinforcement learning.

  • Javier Burroni PhD, started 2015

    My current research is on Probabilistic Programming Languages. In particular, the relation between programming languages and gradient-based inference.

  • Haw-Shiuan Chang PhD, started 2015

    My current interests include multi-facet embedding, knowledge representation, textual entailment, relation extraction, and active learning.

  • Dung Thai PhD, started 2016

    My research focus on structured predictions which involve deep learning and probabilistic graphical models. I am also interested in generative models and tasks concern both language model and vision model.

  • Xiang Li (Lorraine) PhD, started 2016

    My research interests involve Natural Language Processing, especially commonsense knowledge reasoning.

  • Dongxu Zhang PhD, started 2017

    My main research interests lie in information extraction, knowledge representation and reasoning, question answering and machine learning.

  • Nishant Yadav PhD, started 2017

    I am broadly interested in machine learning  and natural language processing. A bit more specifically, I am interested in methods for learning representation of entities, structured prediction models and clustering.

  • Subendhu Rongali PhD, started 2017

    I work on safe and interpretable machine learning in healthcare. I'm also interested in general natural language processing applications and speech/conversational AI.

  • Sheshera Mysore PhD, started 2018

    Current interests include neural network models to learn representations of common sense knowledge defined as event frames and event chains.

  • Neha Kennard PhD, started 2018

    My research interests are in Natural Language Processing. At the moment, I am working on understanding document-level discourse structure, and applications of this research to the peer review domain.

  • Andrew Drozdov PhD, started 2018

    My current research interests are in automatically generating knowledge bases from raw text and vice versa.

  • Shib Sankar Dasgupta PhD, started 2019

    I am interested in time-aware representation learning for both text and KBs. Currently, I working with box embeddings to model relational data.

  • Rico Angell PhD, started 2019

    I am interested in machine learning, natural language processing, learning with limited data, and information extraction.

  • Dhruvesh Patel PhD, started 2021

    I am broadly interested in machine learning for NLP with special focus on interpretable and instructable methods that can learn from raw data while being guided/instructed by structured external knowledge/constraints.

  • Wenlong Zhao PhD, started 2021

    My current research involves structured prediction and representation learning for natural language. I also work on efficient deep learning, computer vision, and interdisciplinary applications of algorithms, such as, AI for sustainability.

Masters Students



Alumni: PhD

Alumni: Postdoc

  • Andres Corrada-Emmanuel
    Former Senior Research Fellow, now teaching Physics at UMass

  • Fuchun Peng
    Postdoc 2004 after Ph.D. with Dale Schuurmans, went to BBN, now at Yahoo Research

  • Gideon Mann
    Postdoc 2007, now Head of Data Science at Bloomberg LP

  • Chris Pal
    Research Scientist, now Assistant Professor at University of Rochester

  • Khashayar Rohanimanesh
    Former postdoc, now Research Scientist at EBay

  • Hanna Wallach
    Postdoc 2009-2010, now Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research New York City and an Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science, UMass Amherst

  • Sebastian Riedel
    Postdoc 2009-2012, now Reader (= US Associate Professor) at Computer Science Department, University College London

  • Laura Dietz
    Postdoc 2010-2012, now Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, University of New Hampshire

  • Jinho Choi
    Postdoc 2012-2014, now Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Emory University

  • Benjamin Roth Postdoc 2014, now Researcher at the The Center for Information and Language Processing, Munich University (LMU)

  • Ajay Nagesh
    Postdoc 2016, now Research Associate at the Computational Language Understanding Lab at the University of Arizona

  • Mrinal Kanti Das
    Postdoc 2017, now Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad

  • Xun Wang
    Postdoc 2019

  • Jeffrey Flanigan
    Postdoc 2019, now Assistant Professor in CSE at UC, Santa Cruz.

  • Pedram Rooshenas
    Postdoc 2020

Alumni: Staff

Alumni: Masters & Undergraduates