• Andrew McCallum Professor

    The main goal of my research is to dramatically increase our ability to mine actionable knowledge from unstructured text. I am especially interested in information extraction from the Web, understanding the connections between people and between organizations, expert finding, social network analysis, and mining the scientific literature & community. Toward this end my group develops and employs various methods in statistical machine learning, natural language processing, information retrieval and data mining---tending toward probabilistic approaches and graphical models.


  • Michael Boratko Postdoc, started 2018

    My current research focuses on box embeddings and structured prediction. Broadly speaking, I am interested in information extraction, program synthesis, deep learning and optimization.

  • Jay Yoon Lee Postdoc, started 2020

    My research focuses on Injecting human knowledge/constraints into neural models, primarily for natural language processing tasks. I am broadly interested in structured prediction, multi-task learning, logical reasoning, and better representation learning for the aforementioned topics.

PhD Students

  • Javier Burroni PhD, started 2015

    My current research is on Probabilistic Programming Languages. In particular, the relation between programming languages and gradient-based inference.

  • Haw-Shiuan Chang PhD, started 2015

    My current interests include multi-facet embedding, knowledge representation, textual entailment, relation extraction, and active learning.

  • Dung Thai PhD, started 2016

    My research focus on structured predictions which involve deep learning and probabilistic graphical models. I am also interested in generative models and tasks concern both language model and vision model.

  • Dongxu Zhang PhD, started 2017

    My main research interests lie in information extraction, knowledge representation and reasoning, question answering and machine learning.

  • Nishant Yadav PhD, started 2017

    I am broadly interested in machine learning  and natural language processing. A bit more specifically, I am interested in methods for learning representation of entities, structured prediction models and clustering.

  • Sheshera Mysore PhD, started 2018

    Current interests include neural network models to learn representations of common sense knowledge defined as event frames and event chains.

  • Neha Kennard PhD, started 2018

    My research interests are in Natural Language Processing. At the moment, I am working on understanding document-level discourse structure, and applications of this research to the peer review domain.

  • Andrew Drozdov PhD, started 2018

    My current research interests are in automatic structure discovery, instance-based learning, and text generation.

  • Shib Sankar Dasgupta PhD, started 2019

    I am interested in time-aware representation learning for both text and KBs. Currently, I working with box embeddings to model relational data.

  • Rico Angell PhD, started 2019

    I am interested in machine learning, natural language processing, learning with limited data, and information extraction.

  • Dhruvesh Patel PhD, started 2021

    I am broadly interested in machine learning for NLP with special focus on interpretable and instructable methods that can learn from raw data while being guided/instructed by structured external knowledge/constraints.

  • Wenlong Zhao PhD, started 2021

    My current research involves structured prediction and representation learning for natural language. I also work on efficient deep learning, computer vision, and interdisciplinary applications of algorithms, such as, AI for sustainability.

  • Benjamin Rozonoyer PhD, started 2022

    I am interested in theoretical machine learning and natural language processing, including semantic parsing and information extraction.

Masters Students



Alumni: PhD

Alumni: Postdoc

  • Andres Corrada-Emmanuel
    Former Senior Research Fellow, now teaching Physics at UMass

  • Fuchun Peng
    Postdoc 2004 after Ph.D. with Dale Schuurmans, went to BBN, now at Yahoo Research

  • Gideon Mann
    Postdoc 2007, now Head of Data Science at Bloomberg LP

  • Chris Pal
    Research Scientist, now Assistant Professor at University of Rochester

  • Khashayar Rohanimanesh
    Former postdoc, now Research Scientist at EBay

  • Hanna Wallach
    Postdoc 2009-2010, now Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research New York City and an Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science, UMass Amherst

  • Sebastian Riedel
    Postdoc 2009-2012, now Reader (= US Associate Professor) at Computer Science Department, University College London

  • Laura Dietz
    Postdoc 2010-2012, now Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, University of New Hampshire

  • Jinho Choi
    Postdoc 2012-2014, now Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Emory University

  • Benjamin Roth Postdoc 2014, now Researcher at the The Center for Information and Language Processing, Munich University (LMU)

  • Ajay Nagesh
    Postdoc 2016, now Research Associate at the Computational Language Understanding Lab at the University of Arizona

  • Mrinal Kanti Das
    Postdoc 2017, now Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Palakkad

  • Xun Wang
    Postdoc 2019

  • Jeffrey Flanigan
    Postdoc 2019, now Assistant Professor in CSE at UC, Santa Cruz.

  • Pedram Rooshenas
    Postdoc 2020, now Assistant Professor in the CS Department at the UNC, Charlotte.

  • Tim O'Gorman
    Postdoc 2021, now Senior Research Scientist at Thorn.

Alumni: Staff

Alumni: Masters & Undergraduates