Post Docs
  • Adam Saunders (Software Engineer)
  • David Soergel (Software Engineer)
  • Sameer Singh (PhD 2014, postdoc with Carlos Guestrin, University of Washington)
  • Alexandre Passos (PhD 2013, now at Google)
  • Sam Anzaroot (MS 2013)
  • Brian Martin (MS 2012, now at Premise Data Corp.)
  • Harshal Pandya (MS 2013, now at Amazon)
  • Sebastian Riedel (Postdoc 2009-2012, now Lecturer = US Assistant Professor at Computer Science Department, University College London)
  • Laura Dietz (Postdoc 2010-2012, now postdoc with Bruce Croft)
  • Pallika Kanani (PhD 2011, now Research Scientist at Oracle Research Labs)
  • David Mimno (PhD 2011, postdoc with David Blei, Princeton)
  • Greg Druck (PhD 2011, now at
  • Hanna Wallach (Postdoc 2009-2010, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, UMass Amherst)
  • Charles Sutton (PhD 2008, now a Lecturer = US Assistant Professor at School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh)
  • Aron Culotta (PhD 2008, now Assistant Professor at Southeastern Louisiana University---home of the 4th place winners of the 1st DARPA Grand Challenge)
  • Rachel Shorey (started PhD 2007)
  • Jason Naradowsky (Now primarily advised by David Smith)
  • Khashayar Rohanimanesh (Former postdoc, now Research Scientist at EBay)
  • Xuerui Wang (PhD 2008, Became Research Scientist at Yahoo, now at Google)
  • Ron Bekkerman (former student, changed to James Allan, PhD 2007, now at LinkedIn)
  • Alex Dingle (MS 2005, now at Google)
  • Mike Mammarella (MS 2004, went to PhD program at UCLA)
  • Ben Wellner (MS 2005, now at MITRE)
  • Gary Huang (MS 2006, now at Sandia National Labs)
  • Andrew Tolopko (Associate Software Engineer 2005-2006, now at Harvard)
  • Andres Corrada-Emmanuel (was Senior Research Fellow, now teaching Physics at UMass)
  • Fuchun Peng (Postdoc 2004 after Ph.D. with Dale Schuurmans, went to BBN, now at Yahoo Research)
  • Nadia Ghamrawi (former student, MS 2004, now at SRI)
  • Gideon Mann (was Postdoc 2007, now Research Scientist at Google NYC)
  • Chris Pal (was Research Scientist, now Assistant Professor at University of Rochester)
  • Rob Hall (MS started 2006, now PhD student at CMU)
  • Wei Li (Ph.D. started 2000, finished 2007, then Research Scientist at Yahoo!, now at Google)